Squall, Loreto - 16 September 2008
Squall, Loreto – 16 September 2008

Weather!  I love September.  Bright hot days can give way on a whim to dark threatening clouds.  I was  spending a few precious moments in the sun before showering for my flight back to the states, when a squall-set powered in from the south.  Winds whipped the sea into a frothy soup of white dancing caps, as small boats on the out-islands ran for the safety of shore.

I was hoping that enough rain would fall that the airport runway would become a lake (this happens during heavy downpours), and that the plane would be canceled.  Unfortunately, the storm blew through in a hurry, the runway dried up, and it was fly home (sadly) back to the world of traffic, speedy everything, and work.

Lunch with the Governor!

Lunch with the Governor!

Had lunch with the Governor two days ago.  Not Schwarzenegger, although he’s on my list, but Narcisco Agündez Montaño, the Governor of Baja California Sur.

Narciso Agündez MontañoI’d love to report that I was able to press with him about issues of environmental protections and educational reform, but he was heavily involved with local politicos who had their own agenda.  At least I was seated at a table next across from him, as is shown in the attached photograph (he is the man seated on the left in the blue shirt).

Narcisco Agündez had come to Loreto to bless several public works projects, survey the damage from Tropical Storm Julio, and work politics.  He is a member of PRD, as is the current Mayor of Loreto, Yuan Yee.

The lunch was well attended by nearly every city official.  A band played several musical pieces and locally caught dorado with salsa and slaw satsified the tastes of everyone.

As I’ve said before, themost amaizng things keep happening in Baja.