Un dia de descanso …

A tiny crescent moon floats above the edge of Isla Carmen waiting for the sun to chase it higher.  The silvery sliver of light bathed in soft yellows and pink. The sea presses gently on the shoreline with tiny slapping sounds.  Such a morning!

As light begins to fill the waters of the bay of Loreto, neighbors appear, dogs in tow or in the lead.  Joggers breath heavily, keeping their pace.  Seagulls strut and small fish leap as if to tease.

Gorgeous, this Sunday .. this honoring the beginning of a new day.  Un dia de descanso.  Heart full.  Mind at peace.


Sunday Morning Easy …

sunrise_240416Sundays by the Sea … Shore bird chatter presses landward, layered against the backdrop of whirring hummingbird wings and the staccato call of the flashy yellow oriole.  A few walkers.  A few dogs. Temperatures in the low 70s.  The color of sunlight plays amidst the palm fronds and the pink and red garden flowers.  Yes … morning … Grateful I am to inhale your intoxicating air.

pre-dawn ….

Sunrise, Loreto 21 January 2015

Sunrise, Loreto – 21 January 2015

roosters crow in the distance … so blessed to be in space where i can hear their call to morning

dogs begin their own conversation one house to the next .. a woof/bark that reaches all the way to Buster, who adds his voice to the symphony of canine expression

in the hour before light, each sound echos across the flat basin that flows to the sea from the foot of the sierra

i hear the chatter of early beach walkers, their figures shrouded in the dark,  their voices announcing their presence before i can make out their shadowy forms .. girl talk, boy talk, start the day talk.

the crunch of footsteps on the gravelly sand – the neighbors and their dogs out for morning ‘duties’

pre-sunrise light paints the sea and the sky with corals, periwinkle blues, deep reds and brilliant yellow gold

a pelican splashes

the wind begins to ruffle the surface of the tranquil sea

a cruise ship waits to unload their guests for an exploration of our small town of Loreto.

morning. wednesday. for those of us with breath, we begin again.

After the storm ….

Sultry .. the air thick with moisture but still. No wind ruffles the palm fronds. Splashing fish jar the glassy sea surface and small shorebirds call to one another in their morning search for food. Golden sun drives trails across the water, free from her stormy yesterdays. A low bank of clouds hangs over Isla Carmen’s craggy shape. At the water’s edge, tiny rolling bumps curl and roll into sand and stone. The passing of the storm .. the beginning of a new day.

Sunday dawn .. after the storm

Sunday dawn .. after the storm

Sultry Summer Seas


Zen Float

Predawn paddle on shimmering seas.

I float with the sea.  The sky envelopes me.

A baby bat ray dances, his ‘wings’ like tiny shark fins breaking the surface of the water.   He swims toward me–another morning gift– and after a brief exchange of glances, he dives beneath my board and gracefully undulates toward deeper waters.

Blue-footed boobies dive for his breakfast.  Their aqua colored feet always surprise me.

A pelican flotilla glides inches from the sea’s surface.  How can they hold steady so close to the water?

I am so blessed to have these moments .. and thank you for letting me cryptically share them with you.

Morning Comes Round Again


The crow of the first rooster.

The rattle of my car on dusty rutted roads.

The wafting scent of baking bread mixed with the salty sea air.

The cry of the osprey, the tern, the small brown hawk.

The swoop of pelican.

The splash of flying fish.

The glow of reds/pinks/oranges/golds as the sun climbs from behind Isla Carmen.

My own coffee sipped slowly as I honor the dawn.

Morning comes round again ……

Honoring the day …….

Morning SUP Loreto

Morning SUP Loreto

yes .. there were gulls … and blue-footed boobies, arctic terns, curlews, herons, fluffy egrets, Magnificent frigate birds, cormorants, sandpipers, yellow-legs, and an osprey ……

there were big fish, little fish, jumping fish and flying fish ..

15 December 2012

15 December 2012

and there was the quiet stroke of my paddle in the early morning waters…

the water ruffled from breezes that clocked from north to west to south …

such an honoring way to begin a day …….

sunrise : again

sunrise : october : loreto

inhale the morning

bird chatter and the tumble of beach stones
gull chatter and hammer of woodpecker on palm

moist / dry
desert with a hint of breeze

blue becomes orange becomes red becomes pink
yellow orioles, diving terns, rummaging godwits

night ending
day opening