About Baja Dreaming

Catharine Cooper

Baja Dreaming chronicles the adventure and passion of travel and life in Baja California, Mexico.  Written by Catharine Cooper, the seed for the stories was set after the discovery of a sanctuary – a second home – on the shore of the Sea of Cortez in Loreto, BCS.

All the challenges and laughter of a gringo adjusting to life in Baja – hopefully will find their way to these pages. Share with me .. wander with me … send me your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “About Baja Dreaming

  1. Hi Catharine, I met you a few weeks ago over fish tacos in Loreto and you provided me this website. Thanks so much! I’ve been dreaming of returning to Juncalito and hope to figure out a way to get back south in the near future. I’ve joined your blog and look forward to more updates! Best, John Dougherty (jedtimesaz@gmail.com)

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