Beach Dogs

Who would have thought that I’d end up with a dog?  I mean, dogs and I never got along.  I was the one who got bit.  I was the one who was chased.  I was 100% cat-oriented.  So how did I come to have dogs?

Simple.  I bought a house in Loreto, BCS – and it came with two dogs, left behind by the previous owner.  Negrita, was a fierce (and loving) short legged black dog with the face and temperament of a German Shepard.  Matisha was a large golden dog with deep soulful eyes who barked at anyone who came near the property – a working dog for sure – but never bared her teeth.  What choice did I have?   I mean, it was their house first.

They took to me and me to them .. and a love affair with canines was born.

Pinta Fresca, the next dog,  was a puppy with our guard, Rigoberto.  When he moved away, she stayed and joined the pack.  Blondie and Buster hid on the porch next door, dumped by someone into our hood. They were filthy, with matted fur and fleas.  Steve started sneak feeding them, and suddenly they had joined the family.  Shaved, trimmed and nailed with “program”, the dogs quickly assimilated into the pack.

As with life, the original crew have all left this life.  In their place, Buster, Shorty, Diego & newest – Jeanne and Mark’s dog, Zoey.   And of course, their San Juanico buddies, Pancho & Chica, who come to visit from time to time.

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