It’s a Dogs Life :-)


Skippy & Buster

Buster speaks his mind.

Buster speaks his mind.



Buster & Blondie

Buster & Blondie

It’s a dogs life!  We’ve had more than our share come through Casa de Catalina’s doors in the last two years.  Sadly, some of our very favorites have since departed.  We laugh (not really) about having a pet cemetary on the second lot. Seems that while the freedom to run – which makes the dogs oh-so-happy – is also potentially life threatening .. especially when drivers of automobiles are stupid.

The ‘pack’ we have now includes Diego & Skippy – who are the anchors and the property guardians.  Skippy is the newest .. being dumped in our nieghborhood about six months ago.  He’s a short little black dog with white paws and a white tuxedo shirt.  We call him Skippy because – well, he skips.  Next door neighbor, Jeanne, calls him Shorty – ’cause he’s kind of a prankster.  And Jim & Cindy call him Pepe.  He doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all with his mulitple personalities .. In fact, he’s one happy dog!

Diego is tall, brown and a statesman that can’t get enough of simply touching you.  He likes to rest his head on any part of your body he can access, and while he used to live down the street, he was a lonely dog, so moved ‘south’ to our part of the hood, where he’s got a gang of playmates.

And then there’s Buster & Blondie.  Blondie was thrown in the hood a couple of years ago .. ended up pregnant by Buster Sr (since passed away) and Buster Jr came to stay.  He got so lucky that he got to move to California .. his mom followed .. so they are now bi-coastal as well as bi-lingual.  Not bad for street dogs.  And of course, when folks ask me what kind of dog they are, I say with a totally straight face : Bajanese.  In fact, I wrote a story about them .. but that’s another post.

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