The Thing About Dogs …..

Buster Love

Buster Love

The thing about dogs .. is that they turn your life around.  Before you meet them, well, they’re just dogs.  But let them get close … let those dark brown/green eyes lock onto yours with a couple of doggy kisses .. and man, it’s an instant hook for life.

So it has been with Buster – one of Blondie’s 5 puppies – who had not only won me over, but in some sense, taken me over.

In the past week he has hunted for grebe, sheep’s foot, errant stick, dead fish carcuss, bone remnants, and pairs of my socks.  All with unabandoned glee… a big doggy smile on his face.  This dog’s love of life is contagious .. and I am one lucky dog-person to have him in my life.

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