Arroyo Wandering

Hiking up from the Sea

Hiking inland from the Sea of Cortez

The  arroyos behind the house are amazing.

Nature’s landscape laid out in cactus, paloverde & paloblanco, acacias and various grasses.  Birds

Flowering Desert Shrubs

Flowering Desert Shrubs

flutter between the trees and once away from the roads, the silence is astouding.  The pound of my own thoughts heard clearly without interference.  It makes me wonder why I live in the midst of the city for even a part of my life.

The dogs love to scamper the dusty trails, although we have to stop every 200 feet or so to pull a sticker from one paw or the other.  Blondie is still postiive that she can nab a bird in thin air, and Diego is patiently trying to teach Buster how to corne a rabbit.  Much easier with two dogs, but it takes cunning and patience – something neither of them really has.