Desert in Bloom

Palo Verde Trees in Bloom

Palo Verde Trees in Bloom

Palo Verde

The hillsides and arroyos are filled with the brilliant yellow blossoms of the delicate Palo verde trees.  The flowers punctuate the browning landscape as the winter rain effects dissipate and the dry season hardens up the earth before the coming monsoons of late summer.

Close up, the flowers surprise with accents of red and orange.

Palo Verde Flowers

Palo Verde Flowers

The sound of thoughts ….

Sitting by the water, early morning.  The sun already 30° on the horizon.  Pelicans float amidst gulls and a few cormorants.  The dogs lie at my feet, waiting for their walk.  Buster chews on a bone.

The wind already ruffles the water.  It’s day three of a big blow.  The other side is reportedly cold with the surf blown out. Guiliana, my Italian friend from SJ has hunkered down in Agua Verde, a pristine cove some 30 miles south of here down a treacherous canyon road.  She camped on the beach to stay warm.

During the night, I listened to  small wind-driven ways.  As I listened, I thought about what we allow ourselves to hear.  How we tune our receptors on and off. Sometimes for self-protection.  Sometimes because the bulk of the input just seems like noise.

When i finally ‘land’ here, I slowly untangle city thoughts and replace them with wind/sea/sky.  That self-hearing/self-healing begins to work its magic.  I stop caring what time it is.  Scheduling drops away.

I want to learn to be like this all the time – balanced in the core of my very being.  Safe in my self.