Never a bad day ..

Daybreak by the SeaThere’s never a bad day by the Sea of Cortez.  There might be challenges, but between the morning sunrise behind Isla Carmen and the drifting pink clouds to the sunsets in the west, the constancy of the water both soothes and heals my entire being.

Pelicans drift mere fractions of an inch from the edge of the water.

The neighborhood osprey swoops through searching for prey.

Arctic and royal terns, down from the icy flows of Alaska join the cormorants, gulls and boobies in the shallow frenzy for sardines and other bait fish.

Off shore, whales, dolphins and rays entertain with dives, rolls and flops.  The sea is alive with fish – grouper, dorado, sailfish, yellowtail, bluefin, bonita, and marlin.

The synergy between the sea and the land is subtle, yet integral. Nutrients washed through summer storms feed the ecosystem, while the sea keeps the coastline a subtle notch cooler.

Mornings begin for me with hot coffee, journaling and then a long walk on the beach or a paddle/swim in the sea.  The constancy .. the ability to trust that it will always be there.