Funny Money

Okay .. the best way to exchange $$ for pesos (or most any currencies) is at the good old ATM.

Driving south to Loreto, I stopped – as usual – at the ATM in Ensenada, although admittedly, at a different location

Think it was the Bank of Nova Scotia – or something like that.  I should already have been wary.

Dutifully, I pushed my card into the slot, entered password, agreed to pay the service fee, entered the amount I wanted to exchange – $400 US … and what pops out?  Not the expected pesos, but $400 USD.

I stood staring at the machine in disbelief, and of course, it couldn’t talk back to me, couldn’t answer my questions.

Why had a Mexican bank given me US dollars????  Guess I will never have the answer, but it did force me to wait another day to withdraw – this time to peso success!

Go figure .. part of the adventure of every day living.  🙂