Picazone :-)

I think that Picazone is my favorite lunch spot in all the world.  Set apart from the city by five miles of dirt roads, the remarkable home/restaurant built by Alejandro & Imelda Igartua sits directly on the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez.  They opened five/six years ago with a two burner propane stove and small bar. Now several tables fill an expansive dining area, a wonderful home has risen on top of an expanded kitchen and cozy seating area.  As if the location and the furnishings weren’t grand enough, the food is – to die for.  My favorite are the tacones – wraps filled with a  diner’s choice of fish, scallops, shrimp or vegetables.  Mix and match.  “Para serverle” is the guiding principal of Alejandro’s personal and magnificent service.  His goal : to make each of his guests feel as if they are at home.  He and his wife succeed every time.

Picazone is open Tuesday/Saturday- Noon – Sunset.  Head north of town on Calle Davis ..and when the pavement runs out .. just keep going.  When you find the two-story yellow ochre colored home with palapa roof near the end of the road, you’ve arrived.  Bring a suit on a warm sunny day and treat yourself to a swim.

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