Driving Down Mex 1

Mex 1 South

One of my favorite views : South of Mulege, past Conception Bay, up and over the pass and out across the valley towards Loreto.  The Sierra Gigantica begins to rise to the west and the scent of sea wafts lightly over the parched desert plateau.  All around beauty as tall cardon continue their reach toward unreachable clouds, and octillito wave tiny red blossoms on the ends of spindly thorn-laden arms.  For me, it’s turning the corner toward home.

2 days and counting …..

Sunrise in Loreto

Countdown to Friday departure as the Baja Peninusla lures me south once again.  This trip, I’ll again have the joy experiencing the extraordinary and diversified beauty of the long finger of desert, rock and mountainous terrain.  If you’ve never done the drive, then you don’t really know Baja.

Cathy and Patrick are packing their respective bags.  This will be Cathy’s first road trip, and I’m excited for her to experience the open spaces.  We’re still jockeying between one or two cars .. but in any event, the clock is ticking and soon the open road will be under our wheels.

Plan is first night at El Jardin, the most serene motel tucked off the road just north of San Quintin.  The gardens surrounding the motel are amazing – even a small grove of orange trees fills out the back.  Early Saturday, we’ll book it for Loreto, checking into “Casa de Catalina” for a day’s road rest.  Supplies will be gathered and a joy trip to the Tiligues (Sunday open air market) to fill out the fresh veggie/fruit part of our food group.  Either late Sunday, or early Monday – depending on surf and social life conditions 🙂  – we’ll make the drive to San Juanico, surfboards and suntan lotion loaded on the Explorer.

The last two days have been registration, insurance – and the procurment of a sentri transponder for my car – the second in the ‘fleet’ – for easier crossing back into the United States.  It’s part of the Trusted Traveler Program of Homeland Security and it’s nice to be a vetted American.

Promises to self this trip : Stop for more photographs. Take time to sketch and to paint. Surf ’til you drop!

Dog races …

Dog Walk

One of the best things about Loreto dog beach walks : NO LEASHES!  No rules .. Just head out the door and let the dogs run.  The long stretch of beach backs up to estuaries with herons & egrets … osprey and gulls .. The desert stretches to the west, covered in cardon and mesquite, like a carpet of greens and yellows sprinkled across the dusty ground.

Down the beach, around the point .. Cormorants & grebes ply the waters .. Over head, the terns and the blue-footed boobies spy and dive for small fish … The dogs take it all in .. but mostly, they are just dogs … full of joy and play.

Dreaming gets Easier …

Always looking for waves ……

Baja dreaming gets easier/sweeter when I’ve another trip that’s within striking distance .. This one, just ten days out, and I will head south.  I’ve got a short stop in Loreto to pick up extra boards and supplies .. and then head to San Juanico for a few days of sun and play.

With luck, we’ll get a bit of a bump from a New Zealand ‘disturbance’ due to coincide with our arrival.

Party On!

Oh Grand Birthday Party .. Thank you everyone – esp. Cynthia & Cal

Yes .. It WAS a birthday party!

Happy Birthday Catharine!

Where better place to have a birthday party than one that you love and cherish?  The chatter began the last trip south, and the decision was simple – San Juanico!  Cynthia said – yes – I’ll cook – We’ll have a party!  And so the plans began.

Martin drove up from Todos Santos.  Drake drove down from Oregon.  Pat drove from Montana.  George arrived from Santa Inez.  Saw Dennis the night before.  The rest of the crew was already in place – one way or another.  To all participants .. Thank you!  It was a GRAND TIME!

[more photos to come later][[gotta go surf!]]

Ocean Breezes ….

Wind swept

Between the space of surfing and hanging out with my friends, I always take the opportunity to find quiet time .. Reflection and opportunities to gather my thoughts.

This small gull feather, caught on the afternoon breezes, danced along the shoreline before coming to rest right below my feet.  I pondered the bird that had dropped it – all the miles it might have flown.  The sand underneath, created by the pummel of waves on unseen corals.  the wind ruffled the edges of the feather along with my hair.  Small waves echoed their cresting against the dusty cliff faces.

So much beauty ..  all it asks is to be seen.