High Flying Politics

It’s election time in Mexico, and that means banners and posters plaster near every empty bit of wall and building.  Smiling faces of candidates hang from telephone and electrical posts, and in the middle of intersections.  Cars appear to be wallpapered with placards, which increase as the days to election day shorten.

Foreigners are forbidden by Mexican law from participating or interfering in the local political process.  So for the most part, I ignore the signs, except to muse on who has the most handsome photograph.

Apart from the signs, there are the automobiles, the uniquely Mexican form of advertisement that consists of a canned speech or slogan blared from loudspeakers mounted to the top of moving vehicles.  For the most part, the volume is so high and the speakers of such poor quality, that whatever message is being relayed sounds garbled to my ears.  I admit, I’ve finally figured out on Wednesday that the message is for 1/2 off the price of bottled water, but beyond that, I usually don’t have a clue what is being sold or touted.

This afternoon, the speaker volume seemed to grow louder in my neighborhood, and circle round and round.  What road could they possibly be on to create such an echo?  When I walked outside to take a look, I had a surprise!

Overhead, a small above-wing aircraft, not unlike those used in crop-dusting, was flying in low circles over the city, arcing ever wider to cover all the residences and businesses.   It wasn’t insecticides spewing from this aircraft, but political slogans for one of the political contenders, which consisted of  some unintelligible message.

A first for me – a political-spraying aircraft.  Only in Mexico!

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