Morning SUP – Loreto

National Geographic Photo : Manta Ray

The waters around Loreto are usually pefect for SUPing – Stand Up Paddling. This morning was no exception. I took off on my fish – a 9’6″ Waterman – and headed up the coast toward Coronado Island. Winds were light and building, with lots of opportunities to refine my balance as wind driven waves crashed over the nose of the board.

Each stroke, a moment of zen.  A moving water meditation.

Morning delights:

Baby yellowtail chased by baby dorado.
Leaping spinning manta rays.
Translucent blue flying fish chased by baby yellowtail.
Magnificent frigate birds gliding overhead.
A floating crab. What was he doing so far from shore and/or on the surface?
Clam divers dragging innertubes – with seagull hitchhikers on board.
Bluefoot and brown boobies diving and gliding in search of fish.
Vultures on-shore, finishing off discarded fish carcasses.
Children on the beach, playing in the the shallows.
Horseback riders out for an early ride.
Dogs running and chasing sticks.
Boats speeding to and from Coronado and fishing spots.

A great two hour paddle floating on turquoise/cerulean waters, surrounded by offshore islands and the ridgeline of the Sierra Gigantica.  A perfect morning ……..

… morning comes again …

... loreto dawn – 26 july 2011 ...

I inhale the steamy morning air, listen as ripples splash against the beach stones … coffee in-hand, the sun slithers up behind the clouds and once again, the day begins.

The pure elegance and simplicity of the dawn do little to assuage the raging that fills the United States over a budget crisis that no on seems to understand or have grip on. Everyone pontificates, shores up their positions … protects their own private interests.

But forgive me .. no, don’t. This comes on the heels of several decades of ‘greed-building’ .. where the dollar (euro/whatever) has become more important than anything else. We are surely in trouble ……………

Long fingers of Dora

Dora's Arms

No doubt, everyone is glad that Hurricane Dora went from Cat 4 to a tropical depression in the blink of an eye, along with moving broadly westward way from the coast. While we’d all like some rain, no one emraces the potential destruction of a hurricane.


This evening, long tendrils of Dora’s arms reached across the peninsula into the bay of Loreto. Winds continue to froth the sea’s surface and bend the palm fronds downward. The breezes have lowered the temperatures – at least for a while – and the dogs and I celebrated with a short beach walk.