into the aquarium …

There are seven islands off the coast from Loreto.  The closest reach is Isla Coronado, with beautiful white sandy beaches and warm turquoise water.  The backside of the island has several great spots for shallow scuba diving along with a colony of sea lions.  In the shelter of the bay, a rocky shoreline rings the white sand beach, and in the shallows, small numbers and ‘small’ versions of most of the reef fish can be found.

While snorkeling yesterday, I spotted these (that I could identify) and more:

Gafftopsail : Needlefish : Sargent Major : Cortez Rainbow Wrasse : Rainbow Basslet : Spotted Sandbass : Rainbow Runner : Golden Snapper : Threebanded Butterflyfish : Cortez Angelfish : Cortez Damselfish : Indigo Wrasse : Bumphead Parrotfish : Convict Tang : Stone Scorpionish : Spotted Cabrilla

Here’s a short unedited clip of a few underwater moments with tiny GoPro camera … Enjoy!

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