Afternoon Thunderheads

It’s HOT! Summer has arrived in Loreto with the full force of sunshine and humidity. And it’s only July!

Mornings are steamy, but perfect for long beach walk or paddle if the wind holds down. Evenings and the patio beckons with sea breezes and a constantly changing palette of sky/sea/earth colors. Palms rustle. Woodpecker darts between the palm trunks. Orioles flitter between the fronds. A tiny hummingbird savors long-necked red flowers.

Heron wings past. Terns dive and chatter. Gulls squawk with their unmistakable gutteral call.

Summer. Sea of Cortez and the desert …..

One thought on “HOT!

  1. Baja, I am the BMW Rider that met you and your girlfriend at the restaurant in Loreto inJamuary and have been following your Blog ever since. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and really have learned how wonderful a person you really are. Please keep the spirit and the great postings coming! Jim from Michigan and California!

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