After the storm ….

Sultry .. the air thick with moisture but still. No wind ruffles the palm fronds. Splashing fish jar the glassy sea surface and small shorebirds call to one another in their morning search for food. Golden sun drives trails across the water, free from her stormy yesterdays. A low bank of clouds hangs over Isla Carmen’s craggy shape. At the water’s edge, tiny rolling bumps curl and roll into sand and stone. The passing of the storm .. the beginning of a new day.

Sunday dawn .. after the storm

Sunday dawn .. after the storm

One thought on “After the storm ….

  1. Your post made me think that the calm after the storm is related to the calm we call the eye of the storm. This vast energy of life is always spinning around us but if we can sit calmly in the middle it slows and we can see the beauty of it. Thanks Catharine for slowing me down with your clear beautiful writing.

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