‘Tis the Season …

.. or maybe I’ve gone too far for a desert beach Christmas?  After sourcing the fabric shop and grocery store in Loreto, I’ve come up with enough bits and pieces to ‘decorate’ Casa de Catalina for the holidays.  Too many issues in the past few years had kept the ‘spirit’ at bay … and numb had best described my feelings.  This year, I play Christmas carols – Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis. I see my grandmother playing her accordion and my grandparents dancing around our living room.  I see my brother and sister in matching pajamas carefully setting out cookies for Santa. I see my mother beaming, an apron around her waist, as she flits between the kitchen and the raucous spirit in the living room.

This year, I am creating a space of playfulness, with a focus on love and laughter. I hope that each and everyone one of my readers has a joyously full holiday season.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season …

  1. Sounds perfect cc. Looks festive too memories flood me too. I need to relocate myself I’m soon like feb I’d like to own this time so its permanent . My HD is full blown 😦 I’m laying here in bed looking at my decorations that I could reach ( Juan helped with the rest )thought I’d be here forever. Kerri thought differently. Me packing is a joke I fell I always seem to I cracked my rib 🙃 I have no 💪 at all . Kerri like don’t die there you cant ( it’s beautiful here in PD everybody does ) I’m tired. CC to pack up again. Danville would be nice the house gone sold ( but when I was in hospital in my delium brain the address came first (Danville then this one ☝️ my furniture

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