Shipwreck’s North

Shipwrecks or Freighters

Skunked, but stoked to be introduced to a new spot. Drake Harris & Pat Harrington let me tag on their surf journey and showed me a few spots for future trips south in Baja. While we didn’t get waves, I did get some shots. The fact that this aging freighter has never been taken apart is enough of a surprise. When you arrive, you for sure know that you didn’t just wander down a random dirt road. When it breaks, it’s a good right that flies past the remains of the ship.

One Half of the Freighter

In the past, car/tent camping was about the only option at Shipwrecks, but in recent years, Baja Surf Adventures has opened a small camp. Described as a great place for beginners, there are men’s/women’s restrooms, surf lessons are available, and meals are included. For more information,

The Bigger Half of the Freighter

Wide Bay : Long Ride Potential

Pat Humphrey & Drake Harris : Road Trip