SUP to “Tern Island”

Lured by their incessant chatter, I followed the tern-song south on my SUP to find “Tern Island.” Congregated on a sand spit created by the last storm at the mouth of the river and estuary, they gathered in a ‘clump’ all to themselves – surrounded by cormorants, pelicans and blue-footed boobies. A virtual chatter feast of avian calling filled the morning air as all beaks raised to join the chorus. Enchanting, really …. and worth the extra miles of paddle.

Arctic Terns in Loreto, BCS, MX

Arctic Terns

sunrise : again

sunrise : october : loreto

inhale the morning

bird chatter and the tumble of beach stones
gull chatter and hammer of woodpecker on palm

moist / dry
desert with a hint of breeze

blue becomes orange becomes red becomes pink
yellow orioles, diving terns, rummaging godwits

night ending
day opening