dscf0447.jpgAlegría is a 1972 “Ghost Boat” manufactured by Janus in Inglewood, CA. She is hull #433 – 13’1″ long .. and CF 0711 TL. A birthday present from Steve, she is already a seasoned Sea of Cortez sailor. In fact, I’m sure she knows more about the waters than I do, but that simply means that she can be my teacher.
Stepping the MastWe’ve had a couple of fun ‘get to know her’ runs. The last one with a strong out-going wind that died down flat. I kept working the tiller to get closer to some tiny puffs. Found a good little on-stream blower that took me back to the mooring. I was so proud that I’d made a perfect landing .. only to have the buoy pull off in my hands. The chain – a good 9 years old, had worn through on the bottom. Time for a new mooring!

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