Back to the Whales!

Maldo Fisher, co-owner, Campo Cortez

Maldo Fisher, co-owner, Campo Cortez

The great luck of returning to San Ignacio Lagoon twice in one season is first and foremost, a reconnection with old friends – in this case, Maldo Fischer, his sons Cuko and Paco, and guides Adrian and Christina.

Their surprise – and then broad smiles and hugs – upon our arrival made the end of the dusty road a magical place, indeed. Steve and I were assigned “Balena” cabin – which seemed quite appropriate.

During my February early February visit, there were approximately 80 whales in the lagoon. Primarily mothers and their newborn. We were treated to baby antics, nursing moments, and the gift of the mothers as they brought their babies to the boats to be touched and kissed.

Christina, Guide - Campo Cortez

Christina, Guide - Campo Cortez

This trip, 180+ whales had been counted. The behavior had changed with the arrival of males looking for mates and the maturation of the babies. Breaching and spyhopping seemed to be everywhere simultaneously. And we were treated with feeding behaviors – mother and baby – scooping up tasties from the lagoon floor and filtering them through their baleen. The dorsal fins pictured to the right are prominent displayed when the whales are feeding. They scoop with one side of their face, fin raised in the air.

The second evening, Adrian and Christina gave an informative and beautifully presented slide show and narrative. They filled in many gaps on whale behavior, and the show included many new photos from Adrian’s current stay.

After, Maldo gave a wonderful talk and demonstration on the ‘green’ nature of Campo Cortez. He described in detail the solar systems, battery packs and the wind generating turbines. He also covered the water system and the marine toilet operations, also solar powered.

Grey Whale

Grey Whale

In the morning, I was very sad to leave, but pledged to return next year for a longer stay.

Thanks to Maldo for his vision, and for Johnny Friday in joining with him and making the dreams a reality.

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