While I Was Out Sailing

8 november 2008

while I was out sailing …

the time changed.
The month changed.
My life changed.

While I was sailing …

I learned new skills .. I practiced and refined old ones.
I made new friends.
I built confidence.
I added/fueled a desire for more time on the water.

While I was sailing ..

The sea shifted from cold waters to warm.
The sea life shifted from sea gulls to blue footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds ..

While I was sailing ..
We, the American people, elected an afro-american as the 44th president of the United States ..
We .. the people .. voted to oust 8 years of avarice and greed …
We .. the people of the united states, voted to take back our country .. and rebuild ourselves in our own eyes and that of our global neighbors ..

We .. the people of the united states .. said ENOUGH … and now, we must manifest the maturity and fearlessness to tackle a plethora of challenges .

While I was sailing .. everything in my world shifted … so I am celebrating this moment .. these moments when we are together and happiness permeates the air around us .. we are laughing ..we are sharing stories …we are dancing around anything and everything that hurts.

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