Morning at San Juanico Bay

Sunrise, San Juanico

Sunrise, San Juanico

Morning at San Juanico Bay.

The drive south/west/north was seamless.  The desert spread out before us in all of her dry magnificence.  The arroyo crossings were dry, the palm oasis beckoning.

Home on the Point

Home on the Point

We parked the motor home between second and third point on the cliff face.  The waves crash below us – could we ask for better real estate?  Most things are functional.  We can’t seem to get the propane refrigerator to kick in/over.  It starts up, then drifts to off or check.  Likely, we aren’t fully level.  So this morning we’ve got soft butter and yogurt on the warm side.  But such is life.  And hey, look at where we are!

After yogurt, fruit and coffee at Cynthia’s, we are going to put our bodies in the warm water surf!

Arrival in Loreto

Betsy & Cathy under the palapa

Betsy & Cathy under the palapa

LAX to Loreto.  Straight shot.

We leave the craziness of Los Angeles/Orange County and our fast paced lives, and settle down.  Betsy and Cathy sit on lounge chairs and sip hot coffee.  The skies are steamy, aka Maxwell Parish.  The humidity slides over our skin like the soft spray of a shower..

Cathy & Betsy enjoy the morning.

Cathy & Betsy enjoy the morning.

I sit in my corner, my morning place and key the words that ground me.  For the moment, I am home.  I’ve left the financial and emotional challenges that have dogged me for months far behind.  This trip is about adventure.  About being/getting away.  About finding waves (if there are any).  And about spending time with good friends.

We make lists of things we need for the Pacific side.  We  move slowly. There is no hurry.  It’ss just us and a long drive to a place the girls have never been .

Last night, we defrosted the black beans I froze last trip and salmon.  I cooked rice and squash.  Girl food.

Watched ‘Riding Giants’ as if to prime ourselves .. fell alseep during the waves ……

Girl’s Trip!

Look out!  Girls be coming!  Cathy and Betsy Meehan are joining me on a southward journey August 23rd.  Plan is for two days in Loreto playing and provisioning .. then over to the Pacific for some fun in the sun surfing … Before back to Loreto for eating/drinking/shoppping and yep, probably fishing!

Girl power .. and what fun it is!

Never a bad day ..

Daybreak by the SeaThere’s never a bad day by the Sea of Cortez.  There might be challenges, but between the morning sunrise behind Isla Carmen and the drifting pink clouds to the sunsets in the west, the constancy of the water both soothes and heals my entire being.

Pelicans drift mere fractions of an inch from the edge of the water.

The neighborhood osprey swoops through searching for prey.

Arctic and royal terns, down from the icy flows of Alaska join the cormorants, gulls and boobies in the shallow frenzy for sardines and other bait fish.

Off shore, whales, dolphins and rays entertain with dives, rolls and flops.  The sea is alive with fish – grouper, dorado, sailfish, yellowtail, bluefin, bonita, and marlin.

The synergy between the sea and the land is subtle, yet integral. Nutrients washed through summer storms feed the ecosystem, while the sea keeps the coastline a subtle notch cooler.

Mornings begin for me with hot coffee, journaling and then a long walk on the beach or a paddle/swim in the sea.  The constancy .. the ability to trust that it will always be there.