Morning at San Juanico Bay

Sunrise, San Juanico

Sunrise, San Juanico

Morning at San Juanico Bay.

The drive south/west/north was seamless.  The desert spread out before us in all of her dry magnificence.  The arroyo crossings were dry, the palm oasis beckoning.

Home on the Point

Home on the Point

We parked the motor home between second and third point on the cliff face.  The waves crash below us – could we ask for better real estate?  Most things are functional.  We can’t seem to get the propane refrigerator to kick in/over.  It starts up, then drifts to off or check.  Likely, we aren’t fully level.  So this morning we’ve got soft butter and yogurt on the warm side.  But such is life.  And hey, look at where we are!

After yogurt, fruit and coffee at Cynthia’s, we are going to put our bodies in the warm water surf!

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