New Beach Dog – Gus

Marci & Cynthia with Gus

“Gus” was inadvertently tossed from the back of a pickup truck and simultaneously freed from the oil drum he’d been jammed inside – a trip to the dump and the end of a dog.  Rolling past Bill, Marci’s husband, was all it took for Gus to find a new home.  They had lost their dog a couple of years back, and Gus – like most dogs – found them.  Luckily, Gus’s sister, who showed up on my walk with Buster the next day and followed us back to Cynthia’s house, found her own home.  The luck of the dog, I guess.

Surfing fun waves with good friends …

Spent days in San Juanico with Cynthia and Cal Wagstaff, who graciously shared their home.  Their son Justin was visiting from Idaho, where he’s a snowboarding instructor, among other things .. and I was happy to share hours in the wate with him at first point.  Cal loaned me a longer board which made it easier to zoom and play on the face of 2-3′ waves.  While the size wasn’t awesome, the fact that we usually had no more than three people in the water at any one time was super special.