Cynthia Comes North

"Chef-tess" Cynthia Wagstaff

I got lucky.  I haven’t been able to get south for a while – business and personal stuff have my ankles shackled to the motherland …. But in the midst, my friend from San Juanico, Cynthia Wagstaff, came north to visit her daughter and stay with me for a few days in Laguna.  We walked the beaches, watched the sunset from the Rooftop at k’ya, filled our tummies with delights from Micheal Kang’s 5′ Restaurant, and wrote, talked, laughed and enjoyed being friends and women.

Before she left, she volunteered to cook for a party we threw together for her to meet some of our friends.  Fish tacos was the menu of choice – what else for Baja devotees?  Along with the amazing tacos, she prepared salsa fresca, a yummy guacamole with pomegranate seeds, and a special sauce for the tacos.  We ate like kings!  Guests included Racheal & Brett who own a home in Cabo and are moving south for a couple of months, Carlos & his girlfriend Sara from Florida, Michael and Janet, and Cathy.

Good friends. Good food.  Good conversation.  Sunset from the deck.  A perfect southern California evening.

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