The dream of packing ….

Ha Ha!  No one ever dreams of packing – unless it’s a kind of nightmare.  But packing is now my middle name as I sort/toss and organize what to carry from one phase of my life into the next.

It’s amazing how much one collects in a lifetime … I mean, just how many sets of colored pencils does a woman need?

My next door neighbor in Laguna Beach, Rachel, has connected me with the packers that she used to ship furniture, etc to her home in Cabo San Lucas.  Tonny has been great with emails and estimates, and as I hone down what I actually want to take with me, the ‘ship’ date gets closer.  He said it was no problem to stop in Loreto.

Now it’s anticipation and excitement as new opportunities and alliances begin to surface in places I could not have imagined.

Mexico here I come!

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