Leap of Faith

First steps in the big move …

Tonny’s crew picked up all 52 boxes last week and headed for the warehouse in Chula Vista, where they’ll stay until they are loaded on the bigger truck bound for Loreto.

I had spent two weeks sorting and tossing – itemizing each box with contents for their border crossing.  It was only the morning of the pickup when I realized I had 52 numbered boxes and a very complete bill-of-lading, but not one box had my name on it.  What would happen to box #17 if it fell off the truck somewhere between the states and Loreto?  It would be lost forever; no way to find itself home.  Hastily, I printed out labels with name, address, phone number and applied them to each box.  Silly me!

When the truck left Laguna, I was thinking of what a leap of faith I had taken.  I’d never spoken to anyone in the company, but had exchanged multiple emails.  Tonny had been chosen on the recommendation of my next door neighbor, Rachel, who had used their services to haul furniture to her home in Cabo.  So with little more than – here you go – I gave the driver a check made out to the wife of the man who would do the long drive, a map to my home in Loreto, in exchange for a checked off list of the numbered boxes that were loaded on his truck and an expected delivery date of October 25.

I love this process … in some ways so perfectly like falling off the edge and letting the universe work it’s magic.

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