Casa Baja Luna for Rent

Casa Baja Luna

Good friends Cynthia & Cal have reason to be stateside for the summer, and are offering their wonderful San Juanico home for rent.  It’s a fabulous 2 bedroom main house with rooftop view deck and bar – perfect for entertaining.  There is a separate casita with private bath and lovely gardens.  Lucky the person who gets to spend time there.  For more details :

Sunday Morning

the call of dove, the dart and dash of orioles in the palms, a flotilla of small grebes ..

sea like a mirror – so still – and the gentle roll of water on beach stones ..

high cirrus clouds striate the blue and an odd fog bank floats between the beach and the island ..

shimmering yellow green palm fronds in the early light .. radiant red flowers on hummingbird bush ..

somewhere, children hunt colored eggs and play with soft rabbits .. somewhere, church goers bow their heads .. to a portion of the world, this is Easter …….  el Pascua ….