Home Again ….

Sunrise : Sea of Cortez

How can I ever forget the beauty of Loreto? After a four week sojourn, I sit again, next to the sea and her fragrance hypnotises me. Gentle breezes caress the surface and small wavelets kiss the shoreline, turning beach stones over and over as if in a dance.

A blue monarch butterfly, and then a gold, flit among the flowers and the fat limes ripening on the trees that have exploded with growth. A hummingbird whizzes past my face toward the ruby colored stamens in the planter.

Recent rains have turned the dry lanky peninsula into a carpet of green, so verdant that from the sky, one could be fooled into thinking this was an oversized island of the Hawaiian chain. The sand in my yard has become a palm nursery. Hundreds of sprouted seedlings reach their first and second leaves toward the sunlight.

All it takes is water to change everything in the desert.

5 thoughts on “Home Again ….

  1. Nice write up on God’s country :^) Will be watching the VP debate shortly. GLAD YOU ARE HOME!!! Alexander P.S. Oregon wine tomorrow :^)….you will enjoy it !

    On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 2:32 PM, Baja Dreaming

  2. I was missing your poetic odes to your hearts home. This morning I sat at the beach in Santa Barbara and gave thanks to the divine mother as I gazed out at Santa Cruz Island. Behind me rain clouds formed on the mountain and I felt we are continually blessed. Love from John Thorsdale.

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