The Baja Friendship List Grows

It seems that every corner, every turn, provides another opportunity for friendships.  Some come in surprising packages – like Cynthia Wagstaff of San Juanico, who is friends with my sister, Claudia, in her other home in Sun Valley, Idaho. I met Cynthia in a restaurant, and she was sure that she knew me. After some chatter about where & when in our lives, we discovered the connection.

Or George Granger from Santa Barbara, who I met surfing at second point in SJ.  He is good friends with Hulsey Williams and Marc Johnson, both of Laguna Beach.  And Dennis Choate, who builds big boats.

And the connections : Wes, who is Donn’s friend from Mammoth and is just finishing his beautiful home in SJ.  And Angela, who teaches yoga at her studio – Baja Jewel – paints with oils – and has a huge soulful heart.

And Martine, a Brit, decidely an ex-pat, who I also met surfing.  He was kind enough to extend an invitation to join him, Cynthia, and her husband Cal for dinner at their SJ home where Martine is a guest.

And Bob, Mike, Terecitia, and Julie .. Eduardo, Chino, & Maria …

And of course, Donn .. who took me under his SJ wing, caravaned with me from Loreto across the dusty peninsula, and showed me the lay of the land.

Friendships .. everyone .. Lucky the time in Baja.. always lucky.

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