Buster Dreams of Fish

Buster Dreams of Fish

“Vida Suerte”, the newest floating vessel to join the Casa de Catalina fleet, had it’s inaugural ‘fishing’ journey this morning.  And sweet it was.  Not so much in giant yellowtail, which was our intention, but in putting her in the water, exploring the coast, and chasing fish. Buster and Blondie – as usual – got to go along for the ride, snuggly fitted in their life jackets.

When we finally gave up on trolling for yellowtail, and settled in for some reef fishing, two cabrillo made their way into our boat. Friend Rigo caught the first one, and “yo” – Catalina – caught the second. This would be my first fish on our fishing boat – and I was smiling big.  I’d tied the hook and weight on the line myself, and set the bait.  The nibble was sweet, and the catch even sweeter.  Buster was one curious dog when that fish came on board.  He was like, ‘what the heck is that?’

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