My Office

My Office

My Office

The best work days are those in my ‘other’ office.  That’s the one outside, under the palapa where the Sea of Cortez spreads wide before me.  There is hardly a more creative or inspiring place to work.  Birds chatter in the trees, and at the water’s edge, pelicans skim, cormorants dive and both boobies and terns spiral and call out to one another. The seasonal grebe population has arrived with their tiny red eyes and constant diving behavior.

Sure beats an office tower with recycled air and no opening windows!  I’ve got Skype phone to keep in contact and high speed DSL wireless.  Yes, the work-world has changed, and I am thankful to take full advantage of new options.  It matters less and less where someone actually is – and the quality of work seems to improve.

I think it was Gehry Design in Santa Monica that first began the practice some 15 years ago, of loading their creatives with laptops. sending them out for lattes, and freeing them from the idea of a cubicle.  I owe homage to that breakthrough of re-thinking of how we actually can do business.

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