July next to the Sea

Hot hot and humid!  Water is mid-80s.  Air is 90s and up.  Folks hunker down under palapas and in rooms chilled with A/C.  My dogs melt like puddles in burrows dug in the sand.  Not looking for China with their digging – just a cool spot.

Good friends Val & Barry won the ‘other fish’ category of the Fishin’ for the Mission tournament held this last week.  They caught a 58.6 lb yellowfin tuna!  Sashimi for all! (and I heard, a hunk of canning).

Arrived in the new terminal at Loreto.  Quite the change with its lovely arched roof and everything new.  The A/C is greatly appreciated by both staff and travelers.  I hear that when I leave, I still have to go to the old terminal to have my bags xrayed – then back to the new terminal for departure.  Only in Mexico, right?  But that’s part of what I love about this place.  It matches my ‘make it up as you go’ philosophy.

Settling down for a quiet day with books and writing.  La Paz beckons with possible web work … and San Juanico for some time with friend Cynthia and some surf.

The magic of Mexico.

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