Miles of smiles ….. (and waves)

First and Second Point

First and Second Point

San Juanico, July 22, 2009.

Long drive across the peninsula from Loreto … abut the joy on arrival .. worth every bit the trip.  Waves on the rise as the swell presses up from the south into the mouth of San Juanico Bay.

Already, the points are firing, the surfers have grabbed their boards and made for the waves.  It is grand to see so many breaking points.

First found Cynthia Wagstaff’s house … her husband Cal is in Idaho for the summer, and so she offered up her spare bedroom – which I joyously accepted.  Dropped my bags, and off the the beach we went.  Cynthia had thought that the wind had blown out the surf, but after a few minutes I was like – hey – need to get my board.  Can we go back to the house?  We were tooling around in her bright yellow Volkswagon bug – surf and sand buggy with the dogs – Poncho, Chica and the visitor, Boomer (more on Boomer later).

Back to the beach and a straight paddle out at first – with fun shoulder to head high waves gently broke and rolled across the bay.  Surfed until I couldn’t move my arms, and the we were off to her porch for cocktails, and then a dinner out of tacos.  Yum!  With her other Idahodian friends – there seems to be an army of them in town.

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