Away too long …

Early Morning Light

I’ve been out of Baja for over a month, and there’s a nagging need to find my way home. Tacos de pescado, arroz con salsa .. possible una cervaza – o dos.

Stateside for work, which is bountiful, and for which I am extremely grateful – but the press of the City takes its toll. Sooo many cars, too much traffic. Everyone is in a wild hurry to get ‘there’ .. and I think, rarely appreciates where they actually ‘are.’

“Things” matter a lot here : clothes, cars, trends, electronics. Without even pondering, I find myself drawn back into the fold. “I need” … a long list manifests. But do I? What do any of us really need to live on? And does any of the stuff with which we overload our lives make us happy?

In Mexico, I ‘lean’ it back, live with less ..spend more time expressing my creative talents to manifest a this or a that.

And then there is the water. Warming and warmer. The color of the sky mixed with turquoise. A salinity in the Sea of Cortez that is higher/different than that in the states. Uncrowded … a morning paddle of many miles surrounded only by the sea, the edge of mountains, the off shore islands and a dolphin or two. The way the water wraps herself around my skin… the way I am able to merge with her beauty.

Yes .. past time to head south again ….

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